Darren Dawson

Myself and Lorraine Culloch took a trip up to Mark & Sue’s hide in Perthshire last night to see the pine martens, as we were really impressed with Rons pictures he posted last week. What a night it was, torrential rain and just miserable, didn’t think we would get any decent pics, how wrong we were, Mark & Sue’s hide is one of the best hides I’ve been in, they use a flash system, (the pine martens were not bothered one bit with the flash set up). What an amazing night, Mark & Sue put myself & Lorraine at ease as soon as we arrived, we were treated to cups of tea & plenty of home made cake, whilst Mark set up the lighting etc. After our cups of tea we went up to the hide, Mark gave us the settings to dial into the camera and away we went, we were absolutely gob smacked with the quality of pics we were taking at such low shutter speeds etc. The rain was torrential, but the flash set up worked a treat, Mark & Sue know their stuff. The pine martens came in at least 5 or 6 times in the 3 and half hours we were there, so plenty of time to get amazing pictures.

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