Red Squirrels

Working away in the garden and every now and then I spotted the red squirrels busy collecting nuts and frantically burying them, then a quick scurry back to the feeders to fetch more. I decided I would forget about working and have an hour in the hide, and glad I did as every now and then the squirrels would give a quick pose


This one almost looked like it was trying to slide down the log but I`m certain there would have been some unfortunate splinters if it were. In reality I think it was practicing for the face stuffing olympics it was squeezing every last bit of nut in it could.

Whenever you have a few squirrels in it`s inevitable you are going to get the crazy chasing around the garden and when this happens you are always going to get someone sneaking in to take the lot, like this little fellow who`s having a good look round first to make sure the coast is clear


Just a few shots of many from an hour in the hide, and it made a big change as I`m so used to being in there at night photographing the Pine Marten


Anyone interested in booking the hide whether squirrels in the daytime or pine marten at night please use the contact for for more details

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