The Set Up



Here at Penny Hedge we are always looking at ways to improve the set up, new branches, rocks etc. We think it`s important for our customers to leave with great shots on great perches with great backgrounds.


Here we have one of the branches in the new set up, if I had known it would be shared so much I might have looked for something bigger. We have Mum muscling in on one of the kits making sure she gets her fair share of the food.


A lot better when there is two food sources no need for any shoving around, I love watching the antics of these wonderful animals you have to just sit and watch at times, forget about the camera.

22 sept on wall-18

The wall has always been a favourite for people and we are looking at adding on to this, make it more interesting for the photographer aswell as the pine martens searching for food.

Branch 22 sept on wall-14

Along by the wall we have another stump coming up which the martens, squirrels and of course the birds love, when you arrive as the customer you can decide to have the food in all areas or just pick the areas that suit you.

Rock 4 September flash back lit-27

My favourite area still has to be the rocks, they won`t be moving anywhere unless Hercules comes for a visit.

Earlier I mentioned about great backgrounds, that`s for daytime photography and another blog another day……


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