The Big Leap

  It`s been a great week here at Penny Hedge, we started the week with jumping squirrels and then we decided if we can do squirrels jumping then we should hopefully be able to do jumping Pine marten.


Using the same set up as we do for the squirrels we used the Browning trail cam to record through the night and sure enough it recorded the pine martens jump from branch to branch.


Now we knew they were jumping it was time to try for photos. We set all the lights up and waited in the hide full of anticipation, would they turn up? would they jump? would we be able to manage a shot if they did turn up and jump?


Sure enough they turned up, as they have done everynight without fail and took the jump. Backwards and forwards a few times checked the camera and was getting a reasonably good hit rate. So now we could relax and enjoy the evening.


Of course all this jumping around you are going to come across an obstacle or two.

Anyone interested in booking the hide please use the contact form on here or message us on Facebook

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